ONE OF A KIND beautiful double Demeter Zen Hair Adornment exclusively from Bohemian Love Story…

Flowers : Teal Silk Daisies, Bubblegum Ranunculus, Flamingo Pink Cherry Blossom & Velvety Hydrangea Leaves

Feathers : Cornflower & Night Sky Ostrich, Charcoal Marabou & Blueberry Coque

Embellishments : Vintage Nightshade Beading, Sea Blue Pearls & Fushia Feather Butterflies

All our Hair Adornments are made to fit securely and discreetly with hard wearing alligator clips

Bohemian Love Story offer a COUTURE service – if you like a piece and have a particular colour scheme, flower selection or even a family heirloom to incorporate, let us know your preferences and we will be delighted to make a custom piece especially for you.

‘Our only limitation is your imagination’

© Bohemian Love Story 2011

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