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Please visit our Facebook page to see our current ‘Look Book’ for Make-up & Styling…

To book a consultation or to arrange a couture piece, please get in touch via the contact form. Alternatively you can telephone +447827781001.

We do look forward to hearing from you…



I prefer the gorgeous freedom, and I fly to lands of grace,

Where in wide and clear meadows, all is good, as dreams, and blest.

Here they rice: the clover clear, and corn-flower’s gentle lace,

And the rustle is always here: “Ears are leaning… Take your ways!”

In this immense sea of fair, only one of blades reclines.

You don’t see in misty air, I’d seen it! It will be mine!

Aleksandr Blok


Commissions Pieces are food for our Soul and we love nothing more than designing & creating bespoke pieces for our clients.

Why buy something average when you can own something incredible…

 More coming soon…



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